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Hating Alison Ashley

Hating Alison Ashley


Hating Alison Ashley is a teen comedy, with a strong moral undercurrent about the pursuit of happiness and perfection, the pressures of growing up and the power of friendship. It portrays the agonies of being a teenager, school-girl rivalries, constant embarrassment by family, and painful and often brutally funny awkwardness and insecurity.



  • Erika Yurken Joanna Richards
  • Alison Ashley Josie Dunham
  • Barry Hollis Daniel Mills
  • Margeart Collins Olivia English
  • Diana Harper Chelsea Needham
  • Crystal Vicky Maddie Sloan
  • Oscar Wilder Nicky Anyos
  • Craig Owens Jarron Dodds
  • Miss Nigela Belmont Jo Burns
  • Miss Elsa Lattimore Katy Ryan
  • Mr Geoff Kennard Jeffrey Van de Zandt
  • Mum Robyn Page
  • Lennie Brian Daly
  • Harley Lachlan Ruffy
  • Valjoy Katie Murphy
  • Jedda Tayla Page
Production Team
  • Director Brandon Girvan
  • Set Design, Construction, Artwork,
  • Media, Photographs Jo Howard
  • Lighting Patrick Lindley
  • Production Manager Kathy Thomas
  • Stage Manager BJ Anyos
  • ASM Amy Hadland
  • Director’s Assistant Irena Reedy

Producer: Child Players ACT

Director: Brandon Girvan

When: 15 - 17 Jan 2009

Where: The Street Theatre

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