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James & the Giant Peach

Producer: Kathy Thomas
Director: BJ Anyos
Showing: July 2008
The Story:

James and the Giant Peach was the second production of the Child Play children’s drama group under the auspices of Child Players ACT.  In 2007 Child Play produced Through the Looking Glass. James and the Giant Peach, written by Roald Dahl  and adapted as a play by Richard R George was performed on stage at the Belconnen Theatre by the Child Play all-child cast. The Child Play philosophy is to provide the opportunity for children to participate in all aspects of theatre and be part of a quality theatre production.

The Child Play program is held in the first semester each year with very experienced theatre facilitators training the 38 children, aged between 8-15, in the whole spectrum of a theatre production, including acting, singing, puppeteering and running all the backstage jobs.  The children are formed into teams and alternate between acting on stage and working backstage on stage managing, sound, lighting, props, make-up etc.

The Child Play program is coordinated by BJ Anyos, Artistic Director, and Kathy Thomas, Production Manager.  This year we are also extremely privileged to be assisted by Patrick Helean, a very experienced Director and theatre practitioner, Lyndelle Ramsay, a Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) award-winning set designer and Sarea Coates, our amazing puppet/mask maker.  The Child Play program also depends for the quality of the productions on the commitment of parents and families and this year parent teams are again coordinating the set, costumes and props.

James and the Giant Peach will be presented at the Belconnen Theatre, Swanson Court, Belconnen from 9-19 July.

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When: 9 - 19 July 2008
Where: Belconnen Theatre, Swanson Court, Belconnen