Wednesday, 08 January 2014
Child Play, the complete children's drama program - "children can do everything "

Child Players ACT’s Child Play

Theatre Training Program for 2018

James and the Giant Peach


The Child Play program offers participants the opportunity to take part in all aspects of a theatre production, both acting on stage and participating on the backstage crew. The Child Play program develops the techniques, skills and confidence required to act on stage plus the knowledge required to be a responsible member of the back-stage crew, including stage management, lighting, sound-effects (both recorded and live), make-up, set moving, props and more.

Every child will be involved in the full-scale theatre production, with both onstage and backstage roles, in a non-threatening and supportive environment. The student will audition for onstage roles and give preferences for backstage roles. Both of these will be taking into consideration when deciding roles and jobs. However, the directors will cast students in the play, and assign them a backstage roles, appropriate to their age and ability.

Every participant will be required for all of the performances, either onstage or backstage. The involvement in the production enables the students to further develop their theatre skill in a hands on, practical way.


  • Support the positive environment that Child Play fosters.
  • Be available to attend all classes, rehearsals and production days.
  • Want to develop their acting skills, confidence and abilities onstage and learn backstage skills.
  • Want to be part of a team working together to put on a production, both onstage and backstage, regardless of the roles/jobs they are assigned.
  • Want to work towards long term goals, have fun and meet like-minded friends.


  • Support the positive environment that Child Play fosters.
  • Support all the directors' decisions regarding the children's assigned onstage roles and backstage jobs.
  • Be involved and assist with making costumes, building sets, making and finding props etc, as their time and skills allows.
  • Assist with publicity/promotion and assisting at the theatre during the production, if available.


This year the play that the students will be working on during class, rehearsing, performing onstage and participating backstage for is Roah Dalh's James and the Giant Peach. It is a fun story with many interesting characters. I encourage everyone to read the book before class begins!


There will be a compulsory information session in the last hour of the day's first class (3pm on 11 February at Downer). All parents/carers are required to attend. The children will also be attending the meeting. There will be important information discussed, you will meet the production team and it will ensure that everyone starts the program with the same information and expectations. You can then take your children home at the end of the meeting.


Term 1: Sunday afternoons from 12-4pm at the Downer Community Centre, Frencham Court, Downer. Classes will not be conducted in the April school holidays or Easter, however there will be rehearsals on the Mondays of the Canberra Day and Queen’s Birthday long weekends. Everyone will therefore be required for 4 hours each week in 1st term. There will be also be a 1 hr audition on a Saturday that every child is expected to attend. They can choose a time during the day that suits the family.

Term 2: Sunday afternoons from 12- up to 6pm. Most students will finish at 4pm, then there will be targeted additional rehearsal up to 6pm. All students will need to be available until 6pm if required. Students will be told who is required on a weekly basis. Everyone will therefore be required for up to 6 hours per week in 2nd term.

July Holidays: The program will conclude with a 2-week production at the Belconnen Community Centre in the July school holidays. Everyone is required to be available for this period.

Attendance at all rehearsals and performance is compulsory and it is very important that both children and families do not take on other activities that will clash with Child Play rehearsals or performances. Any possible clashes should be discussed with us before enrolments are finalised.


  • All of the costumes, props etc… for the show.
  • A script and rehearsal journal.
  • A Child Play bag with pencil case and stationery.
  • Child Play t-shirt to be used as their backstage shirt (for new enrolees)
  • A complementary DVD of the production.
  • 2 complimentary tickets to a performance of the production.


  • Black shoes and long black pants to wear during the production.
  • Perhaps some personal costume items such as shoes, tights, tops etc. They will be items that you already own or will involve a very minimal cost. Details to be provided depending on roles assigned.


The total fee for Child Play program is $300 per term (2 terms involved) per participant. Application forms and a deposit of $200 should be returned with the application form, with the balance of $400 payable by 1st January. A payment plan can be arranged if required . The fees for the Child Play program cover six months of tuition (4 hours per week in 1st term and up to 6 hours per week in 2nd term) plus the two weeks of the July school holidays.

No refunds will be payable after that date unless your place can be filled from the waiting list. No refunds can be made after the program commences. A $30 administration fee will apply to all refunds. There are strictly limited places in the Child Play program and early application is essential to secure a place, which cannot be guaranteed until the application form and deposit have been accepted.

There is so much to learn in theatre, so many back-stage jobs, heaps of fun to be had, lots of friends to make and an audience waiting to applaud you. Come and join us.